About Us

Compass Well Services is a customer focused company that delivers high quality service with industry leading “on time” delivery. With operations in the Permian Basin, our team of pressure pumping experts can handle any job. We bring top quality talent, with many years of experience leading the largest global pressure pumping companies, to a nimble company that can be responsive and customize solutions to fit our customers’ needs. We take a hands-on approach and pride ourselves on the superior level of service and quality that is dedicated to each customer and project we undertake. We consistently provide our clients with on-time delivery of services and materials by highly skilled, ready to perform crews, with well-maintained equipment. Our clients enjoy technically sound cement slurry designs and job procedures that are engineered for each specific well need. With Compass Well Services, our clients can rest assured that the job will be done the right way, the first time. We thank you for taking the time to consider Compass Well Services to handle your cementing needs. Please contact us here or call 817.244.2555 to learn more.
Coordinators/Managers – 12 years average experience
Cementing Crews:
Cementers – 5 years average experience
Pump Operators – 3 years average experience
Mixing and Pumping Equipment:
16 each, 800 HHP Pumping Units. Data Acquisition Equipped, PASON ready
5 each, 100 barrel capacity Batch-Mixers
Bulk Delivery Equipment:
35 each, Field Bins (1680 cf)
35 each, Bulk Trucks (660 cf)
12 each, Fruehauf Trailers
8 each, Bulk Silos (1600 cf)
Laboratory Capability:
Cement Thickening Time, Fluid Loss, Free Water, Compressive Strength, Settling, Rheologies, Static Gel Strength/Flow Potential, and Spacer Compatibility
Bulk Storage and Blending Equipment (Conventional and Whirl-Air Systems):
Midland, Texas – 44,500 cubic feet storage capacity
Sonora, Texas – 30,000 cubic feet storage capacity
2018 Performance Data:
1400 jobs performed
Total Recordable Incident Rate – 1.32
Non-Productive Time – 10 hours (TOTAL – 2018)
1,900,000 sacks of cement blended (1,250,000 in Midland, 650,000 in Sonora)
Company History
Formed in Q3 2010 with frac and cement operations based in South Texas
Permian Basin cementing operations commenced March 2013
Currently, Permian Basin cementing services operate from Midland and Sonora, Texas