Cementing services are used when drilling new wells, reworking of existing wells, and plugging wells at the end of their lives. Cemented casings provide support to the wellbore and provides zonal isolation, preventing the flow of fluids between geological formations and isolating groundwater from contamination. Cemented casings in the lateral section of horizontal wellbores, provide isolation between the stages of the fracture stimulation process.

Compass Cementing brings together a team with experience throughout the World. Compass can design and pump any blend, from the very simple for shallow vertical wells to highly complex slurries for extended reach laterals (3 mile to date). Our twin pump cementing equipment provides real-time data acquisition and micro-motion density monitoring to provide customers superior results. Compass Cementing believes in supplying expert personnel, quality equipment, a focus on customer service, and on-time delivery.

  • 16 Twin pump cement units
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Job Design Software
  • Bulk facilities with capacity capable of blending and delivering complex blend designs
  • Ability to design and pump complex slurry designs, including – gas control, water flow control, acid soluble blends, low permeability/corrosion resistant, low rheology designs for slim hole applications (including production liners), kick-off plugs, loss circulation plugs, special application remedial/squeeze designs, and lightweight slurry designs (including HGS technology)
  • All team leads are veteran cementers with a long history of working together as a team

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